In November, 2020 FraudScore turns 5! It’s an important date for us and we want to, first, congratulate and salute our wonderful team — developers, analytics, account managers, support expert, sales team and marketing! It’s a great pleasure to work together and we all are extremely eager to keep on working on traffic quality control and keep our speed up to resist ad fraudsters!

Second, we want to express a huge gratitude to our clients and partners, who have been trusting us since 2015! Did you know that FraudScore clients, who joined us at the very beginning, in 2015 and 2016 are still with us? It’s a great evaluation and recognition of our efforts and solution — as we keep the product updated and highly efficient, and keep up with the technologies, changes and trends.

We are proud to present quotes from our wonderful clients and partners on FraudScore’s birthday — the best recognition and the greatest evaluation that a company might have:

Headway, EMEA Team:

“Happy birthday, FraudScore!! You have been Headway´s reliable partner in fighting fraud for more than 4 years already and we know we can always count on you at any time! Along this journey, we have been thrilled to be able to combat fraudsters from the earliest signs and take action as promptly as possible.

We congratulate the FraudScore team for supporting their partners like us in detecting the “bad guys” by working hard to continuously improve their product and launching new features as SafeClick! We wish you lots of achievements and tons of successful collaborations!”, Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO:

“We’d like to send the warmest wishes to the whole FraudScore Team and congratulate you on your company’s 5-year anniversary! You have taken the fraud fight to a whole new height in all these years. It’s been a pleasure working closely with you and partner in terms of technologies and knowledge exсhange. Keep up all the great work you’re doing and reach even more success!”

Affise, Dmitrii Zotov, CTO

“As at Affise we aim at creating a stronger and more transparent partnerships ecosystem, eliminating fraud has always been a challenge we had to address. Having FraudScore as an integrated partner allows our clients to eliminate fraud and detect it on all stages of ad funnel. That’s exactly the stack of solutions that companies are looking for: FraudScore gives peace of mind to our clients and focus on the core competencies of their business, while Affise provides the technology to scale their advertising efforts.”

CreaGames, Ksenia Koroleva:

“Happy Birthday to FraudScore! I wish the company and the team more and more to grow and develop, and to help as many companies as possible! I have been with the guys since 2017 and I hope to be together for many more years :)”, Ksenia Morozova:

“Any work is built on trust and constant interaction. We had it from the very beginning. I am grateful to the FraudScore team for their professionalism and efficiency in everything. We wish you success and prosperity!”


“We have been using FraudScore products for several months already. The integration was super easy! The interface is easy to use, the results were not long in coming: every week we disconnect several webmasters who provide us with low-quality traffic. We always mention FraudScore in the sales, as the quality of traffic is one of the most important factors for our advertisers. And special thanks to our manager Aizhamal for the quick response and friendliness!”

101xp, Ekaterina Averyanova:

“101ХР is grateful to FraudScore for the excellent service and willingness to help the client in solving difficult problems and controversial situations, happy birthday and we wish you to preserve and increase the achieved results!”

We have also asked our teammates to share some good words about FraudScore, our product and technologies, and congratulate our company!

Dmitry Isakov, FraudScore CEO:

In November, 2020 FraudScore turns five! It’s our Anniversary. I can’t even believe how quickly time has passed.

I would like to sincerely thank the fantastic team and our wonderful clients. We’ve made this far together! How much we have already done and how much is still ahead of us. We’ve learned a lot, but the bad guys weren’t sitting by idly either. We have a noble goal: to make the online advertising world cleaner and to protect our clients’ marketing budgets. Let’s make online ads great again!

Zarina Shirinkina, Sales Team, BDO:

Today is a very important day for FraudScore! I congratulate everyone who put their soul and heart into the development and prosperity of our product and company. And also want to thank everyone for the work done, because it was not easy — to build a tool that brings real results to our clients!

Aizhamal Alymkul kyzy, BDO:

For the past 5 years we have all been fighting side by side as a team to be the best solution in our craft — ad fraud detection. Thanks to our hard work, patience, sleepless nights, small misunderstandings, funny business lunches and general mutual understanding — we have achieved the truly deserved recognition and success! I congratulate everyone on our 5th anniversary — this is a great event for the company and a personal victory for each of us! I wish all of us to grow and develop more and more!

John Letunov, Sales team, BDO:

Friends! In a matter of days, our company will celebrate its fifth anniversary, guarding your budgets! We are grateful to you, our dear clients and partners, for your trust in FraudScore and our system, we wish you all success and development, and we, for our part, promise to be at the forefront in the fight against fraud as before and give you confidence that every new day will only bring benefit and profit!

Anton Sanin, Customer Support and Accounting team:

Dear Colleagues! Congratulations to everyone involved in the success of the FraudScore — our team, clients and partners! For 5 years, the company has managed to gain a strong position in the international market, earn the trust of well-known world brands, and become an important component in the ecosystem of online advertising. Thank you for your work, professionalism and perseverance in the noble cause of combating fraud! You make this path interesting!

Mikhail Sorokin, Analytics team:

Happy birthday to our beloved company and our team. Thank you for the warm atmosphere and friendly relations within the team, for the opportunity to work with advanced technologies and for the scope for creativity in work. To the whole FraudScore company I wish only success, development and prosperity!

Alexey Tsyplakov, Development:

I’ve recently joined FraudScore. But already after working here for more than half a year, I’ve realized how many interesting and non-trivial tasks there are in FraudScore everyday development! We are truly a team that solves quite serious problems of our clients. We are one of those projects that can protect people, companies from becoming victims of deception and fraud. I think that the world is at least a little better with us, because we are doing our job that we love))

FraudScore Marketing team:

It’s a pleasure to work in the company that really cares about its product and clients! When you know that your solution is not just a useful tool, but a real instrument that saves your clients’ reputation, time and money — that is a really amazing thing! We salute FraudScore today! And wish all the best to the team, the product and the clients in the future! We’ll keep on rock’n’rolling and fighting for clean ad traffic! =)

For the last five years our whole team has been working on the product that brings real benefits to people, that helps build more trustworthy business relations for our clients. Everyday we keep on working, improving, researching and of course, updating our technology. Today we want to share a little bit about our great story and important events in FraudScore history:

Happy Birthday, FraudScore! There is so much more for our company to come in the future! We’ll keep on going) And don’t forget to send your requests and questions to

  • I recommend to use FraudScore anti fraud solution. It really helps to avoid unnecessary risks and to cut off the fraud at the very beginning. Well done, guys!
    Olga Saburova, Account Manager at MobioNetwork
  • There are lots of manuals about earning money over the internet. Most of them are about making fraudulent mobile installs. As soon as new “manual” comes out we see peaks of low quality traffic. But as soon as we began using FraudScore service we cut managers who were working on checking traffic quality two times. Using their convenient report with set of filters, you can generate different type of reports showing you the traffic quality in different contexts. This helped us to find lots of cheaters and poor quality affiliates.
    Nickolay, CEO at
  • FraudScore’s fraud monitoring system is particularly useful in this regard as it allows daily check on affiliates conversions and indicates the level of fraud detected for each conversion. The fact that the system not only monitors normal desktop traffic, but, also tracks and accurately reports on mobile traffic in relation to Emulators, VPN’s, Bot farms and IP pattern recognition allows us to make informed decisions when reviewing assigned affiliate caps and encouraging more traffic.
    Darren Williamson, Managing Director at CAN
  • FraudScore has easy to handle and fast APIs which permitted us to integrate fraud analysis findings into our own dashboards. Their own interface is very intuitive and offers infinite possibilities in terms of filtering and digging into data. FraudScore team is very receptive to users feedback and continuously introduces improvements to their product.
    Luis Barrague, COO at Headway Digital, Spain
  • For more than two years of working with mobile traffic we have been tried a lot of anti-fraud services offered by the market. Therefore we can confidently say that the truly worthwhile solution is the FraudScore. Strong technologies, convenient interface and the most effective support – it’s all about FraudScore. Since we started collaboration with this service the volume of fraud traffic in Zorka.Network has been almost reduced to zero.
    Oleg Gorelik, Affiliate Director at Zorka.Network
  • Fraudscore has been our first line of defense against measuring questionable traffic. As the mobile digital advertising landscape continually expands, it becomes complex as it relates to user attribution measurement. The need for precise data has never been more important to the success of our business and our clients marketing efforts. FraudScore’s engineers made integration seamless and user friendly. The user interface allows us to interpret the data correctly and in real-time to make the right decisions as it relates to protecting our clients brand integrity. I highly recommend their services.
    Moufid Al-Joundi, Curate Mobile
  • FraudScore has easy to handle APIs which permitted us to integrate fraud analysis findings into our own dashboards. Their own interface is very intuitive and offers infinite possibilities in terms of filtering and digging into data. FraudScore team is very receptive to users feedback and continuously introduces improvements to their product.
    Luis Barrague, HeadWay Digital
  • At Brisk Ads we take drastic measures to combat fraud, and with the help of FraudScore we are able to detect and eliminate any suspicious traffic. With the in-depth reports provided, we are able to identify any questionable sources; making sure that our clients only pay for legit and profitable users.
    Omar Mostafa, Brisk Ads
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