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Keep your budgets safe with advanced fraud detection

CPI and CPA campaigns are an attractive target for those looking to commit fraudulent attacks. FraudScore advanced CPI & CPA fraud protection helps you dive deeper into fraud data to eliminate these sophisticated threats. FraudScore helps to analyze mobile advertising campaigns and save your marketing budgets by giving you reliable data to reject fraudulent installs and conversions.

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The Most Accurate & Feature-Rich
Fraud Fighting Platform

Compatible with Adjust & Appsflyer 360 Rejections

Web and Mobile Traffic Support
FraudScore platform supports both mobile and desktop traffic.
You can use all your data from FraudScore in your in-house BI and analytic tools using Data API. This can help you to build your own dahsboards and automations.
Detailed Reports & Reasoning
Prepare comprehensive and detailed reports for advertisers, affiliates, ad agencies and networks. Every rejected conversion has transparent and clear reasoning.
Smart Reject*
Proactively reject any fraud conversion before your traffic source will see it. This will save your time on fraud reject negotiations.

*depends on the marketing platform
Advanced Traffic Pattern Recognition
Affiliate fraud including ClickSpam, VPN & Proxies, Duplicate IPs, Incentivized traffic and more. Using machine learning analysis helps to detect more fraud than traditional rules-based algorithms.
Integrations With Top Adtech Platforms
Quick and easy integration allow you to setup everything within minutes. Easy to use API allow to build custom integrations for in-house solutions.
Protect your budget from ad fraud & improve your ROI!
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Pay for real users, not bots, with advanced analytics

To protect against advanced fraud attacks, innovative solutions are required. Our approach involves analyzing hundreds of datapoints simultaneously to accurately identify real users, allowing you to differentiate between human and machine interactions and ensuring your advertising budget is directed towards actual conversions.

Determine best performing channels & partners
Analyze your partners to find out fraudulent activity using easy-to-read reports and dashboards. Campaign quality data allows you to make optimisation decisions quickly.
Personal Training & Expert Support
FraudScore provides workshops and personal training of your UA and analytics teams. We also can support you during reject processes with you traffic sources.
Keep your data safe. No affiliation with other market players.
  • Dashboard
    Using dashboard you can quickly understand whats going on with your campaigns
  • Campaigns Report
    You can read the daily graph by offers or by other slices available (affiliates, advertisers, geos, IPs, subids)
  • Fraud World Map
    Analyse your traffic on the world map, on the countries level, states or cities
  • Conversions Report
    Easy to use report with extended description of fraud reasons for every conversion. Filters, slices, drill down, graphs and many more...
  • Integration With All Popular Marketing Platforms
    Find your platform within the available integration or choose the POSTBACK option for in-house solutions
Manage the Safety of Your Ad Traffic.
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FraudScore is integrated with all major
marketing platforms

  • I recommend to use FraudScore anti fraud solution. It really helps to avoid unnecessary risks and to cut off the fraud at the very beginning. Well done, guys!
    Olga Saburova, Account Manager at MobioNetwork
  • There are lots of manuals about earning money over the internet. Most of them are about making fraudulent mobile installs. As soon as new “manual” comes out we see peaks of low quality traffic. But as soon as we began using FraudScore service we cut managers who were working on checking traffic quality two times. Using their convenient report with set of filters, you can generate different type of reports showing you the traffic quality in different contexts. This helped us to find lots of cheaters and poor quality affiliates.
    Nickolay, CEO at
  • FraudScore’s fraud monitoring system is particularly useful in this regard as it allows daily check on affiliates conversions and indicates the level of fraud detected for each conversion. The fact that the system not only monitors normal desktop traffic, but, also tracks and accurately reports on mobile traffic in relation to Emulators, VPN’s, Bot farms and IP pattern recognition allows us to make informed decisions when reviewing assigned affiliate caps and encouraging more traffic.
    Darren Williamson, Managing Director at CAN
  • FraudScore has easy to handle and fast APIs which permitted us to integrate fraud analysis findings into our own dashboards. Their own interface is very intuitive and offers infinite possibilities in terms of filtering and digging into data. FraudScore team is very receptive to users feedback and continuously introduces improvements to their product.
    Luis Barrague, COO at Headway Digital, Spain
  • For more than two years of working with mobile traffic we have been tried a lot of anti-fraud services offered by the market. Therefore we can confidently say that the truly worthwhile solution is the FraudScore. Strong technologies, convenient interface and the most effective support – it’s all about FraudScore. Since we started collaboration with this service the volume of fraud traffic in Zorka.Network has been almost reduced to zero.
    Oleg Gorelik, Affiliate Director at Zorka.Network
  • Fraudscore has been our first line of defense against measuring questionable traffic. As the mobile digital advertising landscape continually expands, it becomes complex as it relates to user attribution measurement. The need for precise data has never been more important to the success of our business and our clients marketing efforts. FraudScore’s engineers made integration seamless and user friendly. The user interface allows us to interpret the data correctly and in real-time to make the right decisions as it relates to protecting our clients brand integrity. I highly recommend their services.
    Moufid Al-Joundi, Curate Mobile
  • FraudScore has easy to handle APIs which permitted us to integrate fraud analysis findings into our own dashboards. Their own interface is very intuitive and offers infinite possibilities in terms of filtering and digging into data. FraudScore team is very receptive to users feedback and continuously introduces improvements to their product.
    Luis Barrague, HeadWay Digital
  • At Brisk Ads we take drastic measures to combat fraud, and with the help of FraudScore we are able to detect and eliminate any suspicious traffic. With the in-depth reports provided, we are able to identify any questionable sources; making sure that our clients only pay for legit and profitable users.
    Omar Mostafa, Brisk Ads
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